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spa8800 slow call routing & firmware info

1. Is there any way or parameter setting to speed up call routing to

PSTN line ? When number is dialed on phone connected to FXS

and routed via FXO there more then 5 seconds need to receive

ring-back from outside public PBX.

We tried  adjust Interdigit Long Timer: to 1 and Interdigit Short Timer: 1

result is the same. Is there any other parameter which can be adjusted to

speed up this dialing.

2. One question about firmware ?

Current firmware is 

Cisco SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway with 4 FXS and 4 FXO Ports

Voice Gateway Firmware-6.1.7 

there also exist

Cisco SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway with 4 FXS and 4 FXO Ports 

Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) Firmware-6.1.11

Can someone from Cisco explain what is difference and can both of them used on same device or not ?

3. Voice quality on that device definitly is not on Cisco standards.

Especially when the call is routed  from FXS port to the FXO ports.
FXO side look problematic related to voice quality.


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