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SPA9000 - Adding an external number on a DID in the contact list

Hello - I am trying to figure out if this is possible and would love for someone to give me some counsel and advice!

We have a 10 block of numbers, and I am trying to redirect the last number in the block ....9089 to a copper phone line so that we can use this as our published fax number.

I have played with the SPA9000 and had plugged the fax machine into the FXS1 port, but the fax machine was never happy and would answer the incoming fax call, but not ever receive the fax.

So now my plan is to forward the DID to an external number, but regardless of what I put in the contact list, whenever I call the number I get a busy signal.


I have tried putting the 0 before the number, leaving it off, putting on area codes and country codes, I have tried using the comma to get a dialtone before it dials - everything I can think of, but nothing works!

Can someone help me with what code to put in so that when someone calls ....9089 it automatically forwards to our fax line of ....8880?

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