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SPA9000 incoming call failure

Great support forum! TIA.

Using an SPA9000 (HW ver.1.0 SW ver. 6.1.5) with two FXS connected residential phones. The 9000 is attached to an Aztech DSL600EU ADSL modem and sends to an INEXQ ISW054t 4 port router that runs residential network IP traffic through the 9000 with QOS enabled.

The problem is the configuration works perfectly for 24-48 hours and then the following happens where:

1)1  1) The two ITSP FXS/DID’s return busy signals to the outside callers and the ITSP failover number (tried enabled/disabled) transfers fail. But users can still can complete outgoing calls with the same FXS/DID’s.

       2) An outgoing ITSP FXS/DID call only returns the first two outgoing rings to the local initiator but the call continues until the recipient/voicemail picks up, confusing the local initiator who believes the call has failed.

Currently warm reset (****,732668#) or cold re-boot is required to re-connect the ITSP DID’s full i/o functionality for the next 24-48 hrs.

Still new at this but we want to stabilize this system beyond this testing phase so we can export existing telco/cell #’s to ITSP DID’s and add SPA phones, but need this to operate error free first.

I have used the wizard, but read the forums here and elsewhere for configuration data to get the 9000 to work and in doing so may have inadvertently modified a variable that could be causing this issue. Or is this a result of the heavy home network IP load on the 9000?

FXS port i/o gains set to ‘4’ and it works well at that level.

Any suggestions? Or links to definitive ‘Call Progress Tones’ for my region to aide in stabilizing?

Many thanks from Toronto, Canada.

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Message was edited by: Lowepro546

Cisco Employee

Re: SPA9000 incoming call failure

Dear Sir;

Some suggestions.

(1) Make sure you set up NAT keepalive ENABLE to yes on Line 1.

(2) Not sure I understand what do you mean with network load. We dont recommend using the SPA9000 as a router as this would affect performance.


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Re: SPA9000 incoming call failure

Thanks, I upgraded to a Cisco WRT54G2 router and now the 9000 works with two itsp lines both in and out.

Just one problem left, I can't get an AASTRA 390 phone used on FXS port 1 to ring. Tested two other standard phones and they work.

Installed the new router, factory reset the spa9000 and used the current wizard to set it up. Is there a 'Regional' Tab dial/ring string that will work for this specific desk phone?

Please advise and thanks again.

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