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SPA9000 Management Web Interface Not Accessible.

Hi All,


I look after an SPA9000 + SPA400 connected to about 12 SPA942 handsets. I've not made any changes to the set-up or to the network in any way over the past 6 months and everything has been working beautifully. All of a sudden I have realised that I can no longer connect to the management web interface on port 80 of the SPA9000 (I last connected a week or so ago). All the handsets are still communicating with it and working fine, as is the SPA400. I've done a port scan on the device and NMAP picked it up as being a Linksys ATA so I've definitely got the right IP address, and port 80 is definitely not open.


I called Linksys support and they have informed me that the only thing I can do is a factory reset. Before I do this I just wanted to reach out to the community and see if anybody else has had an issue like this, and if so were you able to resolve it without doing a factory reset?


Thanks for your time.


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Re: SPA9000 Management Web Interface Not Accessible.

Hi Chris,

You have an option to use the Interactive Voice Response menu (IVR) to enable web management of the spa9000.

Check IVR options in the admin guide but try the following, hope i got it right :)

Step 1.  plug a analogue phone onto green "phone 1" port

step 2.  press **** 

a female voice will say something like "select menu option"  or try pressing ****  again

Step 3.  press  110#  to hear and confirm your management IP address

step 4.  press   7932#  (this will enable or diable the web management server, and follow the directions)

Step 5.  then press 1#  to enable  web management   and 1 again to save your option.

This is off the top of my head, so double check with the SPA9000 Admin guide under the IVR option.

Hope this solves the issue.

regards Dave

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Re: SPA9000 Management Web Interface Not Accessible.

Thanks Dave, you're a life saver. That worked, and now I won't have to take time out of my weekend to factory reset!


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