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spa9000/spa400 vpn

Hi I have instaled the system spa9000/sp400 and a WRV210 Wireless-G VPN Router and

recently I instaled another WRV210 Wireless-G VPN Router in another location of the same company

I configured the VPN between this two devices the question is, Can I install a phone in one site and

can it access to the spa9000/spa400 in the other side through the VPN?

Cisco Employee

Re: spa9000/spa400 vpn

Hi Azariel;

Yes, if the phone is on the same LAN segment as the SPA9000. You need though to connect it first the phone on the local LAN to get configuration and register, then move the phone to the remote site, as multicast traffic will not pass.


Re: spa9000/spa400 vpn

Thanks for the answer, I have another question, yesterday I have a report about a problem with

the phone that ara instaled with this system, spa502G and spa942 well,  2 of the spa942  and one

of the spa502G power off and then power on but not at the same time and the other phone didn`t

power off, this problem have occured three times the firmware is the lates, all the devices (switch, spa9000/spa400)

are in a UPS....

New Member

Re: spa9000/spa400 vpn

Hello Azerial,

If all of  these phones are connected to the UPS along with other devices and these are the only devices that seem to be powering off and on automatically and not manually. Then it's possible that you could have a hardware issue with these devices. If a firmware upgrade has just been performed on these devices, then it's also possible that the firmware upgrade didn't install all the way correctly. I would reset these devices back to factory default and upload the firmware if a firmware upgrade has recently been performed. If not and the problem persist. You may need to call into our office and get a support ticket started for these phones.

Fredrick A Wofford

Network Support Engineer

Cisco Small Business Support

Contact# 1-866-606-1866 if calling within the United States.

Re: spa9000/spa400 vpn

Hi Alberto, well I have another question, one phone was registered in the local network and then it was moved to the remote site

as you explain, the phone at the remote site display de name and the extension and I can see the phone registered in the

SPA9000 in the PBX status, but when I want to call from the remote site to an extension in the other office it isn`t possible

and when I press the speaker  it doesn`t make any sound the model of the phone is SPA502G firmware 7.4.8, the vpn is enable

and I can see the phone registered in the SPA9000, thanks for you help.

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