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SPA932 connected to SPA525g2 on Broadsoft

I am having issue with the keys staying subscribed on a SPA932 conected to a SPA525g2. I have created the BLF list URI on the switch. I added 25 extensions to be monitiored to the list. I then added the list URi custom tag to the device and added the custo tag to the config files of the phone. When the phone reboots I see on the attendent console that it gets the BLF list URI but it doesn't add any of the monitored extension.

Upon on factory reboot once the pone pulled new configs the lines did light up but then they unsubscribed once their subscription timer ran out.

Is there a newer firmware I should be uisng for the SPA525g2 phones? I currently have S.W. version 2.0.2 on the attendant and 7.4.6 on the phone itself.

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Re: SPA932 connected to SPA525g2 on Broadsoft

The newest firmware for the 525 phones is 7.4.8. It was just released a week or so ago.

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