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SPA941 Dialplan

I have a freeswitch server and it is up and running  - serving a softphone successfully.  I tried to connect a linksys spa941 and it just always "fast busy" signals me when I try to dial.  The phone is connected and registered to the freeswitch server - sso I think I have a dialplan issue.

Anyone have experience with this - and what the dialplan should be?

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Re: SPA941 Dialplan


This really depends on your enviornment and local. The phone has a dial plan as does the PBX.

It would be best to consult the following and go from there:

Page 174 - Configuring Dial Plans

I realize this is for the SPA500 IP Phones, but the SPA941 I believe to use the same Dial Plan, but this is the best explanation I have found for configuring dial plans. Here is another resource you might find helpful:

This is for Asterisk, but should be similar for any SIP-compliant device and will show you how to configure your phone manually since you are not using a Cisco PBX, where it configures it automatically.


Steve Wofford

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