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The manual is very short about the configuring of lines and extensions. In fact I can not find anything back avoub  the configuration about lines. First I will explain my setup and what i have done and what I still would like to achieve.

SPA400 with one incomming line and SPA9000 with 2 Lines. So a total of 3 lines. The original line connected to the SPA400 is now used just for incomming and the 2 SIP lines for the cheap rated outgoing lines.

To the SPA9000 I connected 3 SPA941 and one WIP310. So far one each of the SPA941 it automaticly stands on 100, 101, 102.

I would like one SPA941 that of the secretary to be able to receive all incomming lines. Now when a second call arrives the other stations rings, but she can not see the call comming in. All the stations should be able to see what lines are busy or being used. This part i think i understand and is configured with the SLA explained in the FAQ.

For what is used the second extension tab?

This is my first experience with Cisco voip and my english is not that good so I would really need so help in the beginning so that hopefully i can add this to my services.

Cisco Employee

Re: SPA941

Dear Sir;

I suggest you contact the SBSC (Small Business Support Center). They should be able to help you in your local language.

The telephone contact for SBSC is located at the main page of this community.


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