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SPA942: problem with saving settings when over VPN


I asked this question over in the router discussion group but haven't received a response so I'll try here.

I have a set of SPA942 phones that are located in a remote network. Previously, I would open up ports on the internet router for this network so that I could access the web admin pages for these phones from across the internet. On the web admin pages, I could modify the settings for these phones and then click "Submit all changes" and successfully have these changes updated into the phone.

Now, this remote network has been upgraded with a RV042 router so that it can connect to the main office via a VPN tunnel. I still need to access the SPA942's web admin pages so I have set up a QuickVPN client VPN connection to gain access to this network. Via QuickVPN, I can access each of the SPA942's web admin pages and browse through the pages, but whenever I update a value and press "Submit all changes", the page will revert back to show the previous, unmodified value. In other words, I can't get my changes to be accepted by the SPA942.

As a test, I port-forwarded a port on the RV042 to point to the SPA942. From across the internet I connected to this exposed port and got access to the SPA942's web admin page. With this method, I could successfully modify and save changes to the SPA942.

So it seems that there is something about the VPN connection that is preventing me from saving changes to the SPA942. Has anybody come across anything like this before? Any idea of what could be happening here?



New Member

Re: SPA942: problem with saving settings when over VPN

Hey Harvey,

I lab'd up your scenario however I'm not finding the same results as you.  I am able to modify the settings on the SPA942 remotely via the Quick VPN client.  When I save the settings at the bottom of the SPA942 UI page, it reboots the remote phone, then it comes up with the new settings.  I do however lose the Admin page until I refresh after the phone is back online.

Can you please let us know what OS and Quick VPN version you are using?  Also what version of firmware on the SPA942?



David L. Barrett, Jr.
New Member

Re: SPA942: problem with saving settings when over VPN

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your email.

Can I ask if you are connecting to the SPA942 through a RV042 router?

The computer I am using is Win XP with SP3. Previously, the internet router we were using in this location was a DLink DIR-655. We now have a RV042. We have the following software versions:
SPA942:  6.1.3(a)
SPA9000:  6.1.5

I should also mention that the same issue also happens with the SPA9000 that these IP phones are connected to. That is, we cannot save changes on the SPA9000 when we connect to the SPA9000 via a QuickVPN connection from a remote location; however, when we port-forward a port on the RV042 to access the SPA9000, the changes are successfully saved on the SPA9000. I thought maybe I might have better luck with saving a shorter page, so I tried saving the "Router" settings on the SPA9000 (as opposed to the lengthier "Voice" settings), but the same thing happens regardless of page.

Do you mind sharing more details about your lab setup (equipment, sw versions, etc.)?


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