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SPA962 Hardware Reset with no password

It looks like someone fat fingered the admin password on one of my phones. I need to restore it to factory default and am looking for the instructions for a SPA962. If I use the instructions from!input.jspa?container=2198&containerType=14 it askes for a password. Is there a way to do this without a password or sending it in for repair?

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Re: SPA962 Hardware Reset with no password

If you happen to know what the profile rule was populated with, the unit would resync to the config server at the scheduled time.  If that's the case, you can change the config file in the config server and put a blank password for admin password.   Otherwise, your basically stuck without that admin password.

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Re: SPA962 Hardware Reset with no password


I have same problem. I have SPA962 locked with admin password. I also do not have any config for this phone nor admin password.

I work with Cisco 79xx phones and on those phones there is option to do factory reset by pressing key sequence. Is there any option like this on SPA series? Maybe any hidden button under the cover? Or any option to push new unlocked firmware to phone?

Thanks for advice in advance.

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Re: SPA962 Hardware Reset with no password

The options you are describing aren't available on these phones.  Thank you.

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Re: SPA962 Hardware Reset with no password


so now I have good looking useless box, am I right? :-)

I want to be sure that I can dispose it.


Cisco Employee

Re: SPA962 Hardware Reset with no password

Hi Lubomir Rosko,

Yes, you're right. If the device was properly secured and you don't have its password, it'll make a great paperweight.  :-)

Seriously though, our products are designed to be secure. However, in the event it was not properly secured, you can try the following:

  1. Build a private network with a DHCP server, a TFTP server, and a network sniffer such as Wireshark.
  2. Configure your DHCP server to offer OPTION 66
  3. Power up the phone and look carefully for what the phone requests from the TFTP server
    Hint: look to see if the phone thinks it's on a specific domain
  4. If the phone thinks it's on a domain, build a DNS environment named for the domain
  5. Power cycle the phone, if your DNS environment is correct, you should now see the file name that the phone is requesting
  6. Build a simple configuration file named for the file that the phone is requesting. Be sure to include an empty password, enable web server, set web server to a known port, and enable web admin access in this file
  7. Power cycle the phone, the phone should request the file, load the new configuration, and wipe out the password
  8. Open a browser and verify that you can access http://PhoneIP/admin/advanced
    If you can, you can redeploy your paperweight as a phone.
    If not, may I suggest you upgrade to a SPA525G2 with MP3 player, Bluetooth, and WiFi   :-)

Best of luck and regards,



You only need one reference document for all SPA phone firmware, information, and utilities.

Re: SPA962 Hardware Reset with no password


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