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SPA962 rebooting after 'OP ALLOC ERROR'


One of our customers has 4x SPA962 each with 2xSPA932. They randomly restart with various reboot reasons.

C4  is one I cannot find in the 'reboot reasons' list (I asked this  question there but realize I should have opened a new discussion).

Strangely enough, even when H0 is the reason, the syslog shows:

<date> <time> <IP address> OP ALLOC ERROR 7 641 (last number varies).

after that, logging stops and 10 seconds later I see a DHCP request coming in and the phone comes up, giving reboot reason H0.

This seems more than just a regular power on reason (we checked power supplies, switched them, use PoE etc etc).

Any idea? Thanks

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Re: SPA962 rebooting after 'OP ALLOC ERROR'

Dear Erik;

I'm escalating your question. Stay tuned


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Re: SPA962 rebooting after 'OP ALLOC ERROR'

Hi and thanks. One of your collegue has made some suggestions on another part of the forum: and meanwhile, support EMEA has escalated the case as well. I was so happy the issue was picked up that I forgot that I had to re-state my question on this part of the forum, so sorry for any confusion.

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Re: SPA962 rebooting after 'OP ALLOC ERROR'

the problem was solved: the ACL was too generous and allowed external
(malicious) servers to probe the phones, which confused the phones. I found out only after examining a copy of the traffic to and from a phone.

Unfortunately, the 'restricted domains' paramater did not prevent the phones from being confused.

Thanks for the efforts,


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