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spa962 reset username

I've taken over maintenance of a business client that had a severe falling out with their previous IT support company.  I've had to reset passwords for various network devices, and reconfigure a bunch from the braindead way they were set up by said previous company.

One thing's got me stumped, though:

They've got an IP phone system, consisting of Asterisk, a bunch of SPA942 and SPA962 phones, and a couple of Aastra ones, as well.

The Aastra and 942 phones I've been able to log into, and reconfigure so the network makes sense.  The 962, however, is asking me for a username and password using basic authentication, before I can even see the web interface.

I assumed this meant that the previous IT company had set a password on it, and not told the client what it was, just like most other devices on the network.  However, when I went to the phone and tried to log in through the phone menus, it didn't ask for a password, and I was able to change most of the settings I needed to.

I've tried changing the password through the phone menus to something I knew, but I still can't login to the web interface.

Does this sound normal for this phone?  It seems weird to me.  I would assume the same password would apply to both the web interface and the phone system configuration menu.

Is there a way to reset the web password through the phone menus, without factory defaulting the entire phone?  I think I can do that, if I remember rightly (not at the client site right now, so going from memory of what was accessible through the phone menus) but I'd rather not, if I can just reset the web password.

I'm assuming it needs a firmware update, as everything else on the network did, but of course, that's MUCH easier to do through the web interface, rather than screwing around in phone menus, and setting up a TFTP server on the address it's trying to connect to, etc.etc.etc.


Any ideas from the community on what to do here would be much appreciated.



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"You are now ready to

"You are now ready to configure the SPA962. If the web interface is asking for a username and password, this means that the unit was locked by your Provider. Please contact your respective VoIP Provider for assistance."

I would take this as you will need to factory reset the phone in order to change the password.



HTH Regards, Yosh
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