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SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)

Does anyone know of a way to directly SSH to CUE?  I'm trying to automate a configuration change in the CUE, though I'm not sure if I'm able to create a cron job in CME to run commands in CUE...



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Re: SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)

Hi Renato,

You can not SSH to the CUE only telnet from the CME, the command for that is as follows:

service-module integrated0/0 session

However though doing things via CLI on the 540/560 would then put your system out of SMB Scope.

Can I ask what change you are wanting to automate? Maybe there is another way to achieve what you want



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Re: SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)

Hi David thanks for the reply.

The reason why I need to SSH to the CUE is because of the way voicemail works when differentiating business hours and afterhours.  The "Closed" greeting only turns on when the system falls outside of the business schedule. It has no regard for the holiday settings (and this was confirmed by Cisco tech support as by design, not a bug); which doesn't make sense at all, I mean, if the office is closed due to a holiday, you'd figure that the voicemail system should behave that way, but alas, it doesn't.  So, the fix is that on each holiday, we go into the CUE web console and change the "Voice Mail -> VM Configuration -> Business Hours Schedule for Greetings" setting to a schedule we created called "holiday" that has no open office hours. This way, voicemail will finally go into "Closed" greeting.  Another way to do it is via CLI:

SSH to UC560

ser in 0/0 ses

(login to CUE)

conf t

voicemail default biz-schedule holiday


wr mem



That would be a script I could actually do it. In fact, I'm having trouble actually getting any batch/script to work using plink with CME, but that's another thread.

Ideally, I would create a cron job within CME (event manager applet) to make this work, but I don't know if I'll be able to run those commands in CUE by doing this.

Any suggestions?

Re: SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)


Do you mean Auto Attendant abides by the Schedule?

Individual user voice mail boxes dont do this, unless you set them for NS and route them somewhere else.

Also the Closed AA greeting WILL play when the system schedule is closed or its a defined Holiday.

I also have a way to have the AA use NS in a way where you can tyoggle it OPEN/CLOSES using the NS toggle code if your interested?

If you pass me the case I'll look into it as well.


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Re: SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)

No, I don't mean the AA. I know that the holiday schedule works with the AA but specifically with the voicemail greetings.  If you check the greeting types, there is a voicemail greeting called "Closed" that is played only afterhours when activated.  Keep in mind that it's not enough to just record the "Closed" greeting, you have to activate it.

I didn't realize this until we had to close the office due to inclement weather, and someone called one of our users directly and didn't get the "Closed" greeting.

Re: SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)

OK, thanks for clarifying.   How exactly did you configure this closed voice mail?  I dont remember seeing that in CCA.

Was it using the CUE GUI?

By the way, for inclement weather or remote access to your regular open greeting, you can override this with AvT, configred with CCA, this way every phone doesnt have to do this.  Do it once on the AA.

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Re: SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)

The "Closed" greeting is configured/recorded in the users' voicemail.  On your phone, if you go to the "Voiceview Express" menu where you can login to your voicemail, you will see "My Options" then "Greetings".  Scroll down to option 7 "Closed". Or, you can go via the CUE voicemail setup options:

Login to your voicemail with PIN, press 4, 1 (greetings), 7 (edit other greetings), 2 (edit closed greeting), 1 (record) then 2 (turn on).

I wish I knew how to write in Java or other programming language, I'd just create a program that walks through the entire CLI process the same way CCA does...(hint hint lol)

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Re: SSH directly to CUE (UC560, UC540)

I found a workaround to what I want to do. Though, I don't like how it gets done but at least it's something.  There's a program called "AutoHotkey" that will help you write a macro script. It sucks but it's the only way I can think of getting this thing done.  Here's the script if anyone's interested:

This first one is to turn on holiday mode (make sure you already have a schedule called "holiday" with no hours checked)

Open Notepad and paste this into the text file then edit it with your info:

Run putty.exe username@uc500_ip_address -pw password
Sleep, 100
WinWait, uc500_ip_address - PuTTY,
IfWinNotActive, uc500_ip_address - PuTTY, , WinActivate, uc500_ip_address - PuTTY,
WinWaitActive, uc500_ip_address - PuTTY,
Sleep, 500
Send, ser{SPACE}in{SPACE}0/0{SPACE}ses{ENTER}
Sleep, 100
Send, username{ENTER}password{ENTER}
Sleep, 1000
Send, conf t{ENTER}
Sleep, 500
Send, voicemail{SPACE}default{SPACE}biz-schedule{SPACE}holiday{ENTER}
Sleep, 500
Send, end{ENTER}
Sleep, 500
Send, wr{SPACE}mem{ENTER}
Sleep, 5000
Send, exit{ENTER}
Sleep, 500
Send, exit{ENTER}

Save this file with the .ahk extension. If you've installed AutoHotkey you can double-click the script and it will run.  You can also convert this to an EXE file so that you don't need the program to be installed.

Create another file with the same info except change the "voicemail" line to:

Send, no{SPACE}voicemail{SPACE}default{SPACE}biz-schedule{SPACE}holiday{ENTER}

After you've exported the two script files to EXE, you can use Windows Task Scheduler to run the files at the date/time needed.

Another thing to consider is make sure you've established the key exchange in putty; in otherwords just connect to the UC once and click "Yes" to write the key to the registry.  I'm sure there's a way to script this part but I'm too lazy to figure it out.

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