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Stuck FXO Port

I believe I'm running into CSCsw87778 on a UC540.

Placing a call to the stuck port showed the following:
135684: Dec 15 03:46:41.813: htsp_process_event: [0/1/2, FXOLS_PROCEEDING, E_HTSP_PROCEEDING]fxols_offhook_prochtsp_alert_notify
135685: Dec 15 03:46:41.845: htsp_process_event: [0/1/2, FXOLS_PROCEEDING, E_HTSP_ALERT]fxols_offhook_alert
135686: Dec 15 03:46:41.845: mbrd_e1t1_vic_connect: setup failed
135687: Dec 15 03:46:41.845: %FLEXDSPRM-3-TDM_CONNECT: failed to connect voice-port (0/1/2) to dsp_channel(0/0/1)

The port failed to connect because the system saw it as available "on hook" but was somehow active "s_connect" state:
0/1/2           --  fxo-ls      up    dorm idle     on-hook  y
0/1/2         g711ulaw   n  S_CONNECT             FXOLS_ONHOOK    

Looking at the active calls it showed the port up for 5 days.
20B6 : 1464 1431211710ms.1 +3970 pid:60 Originate 3033355410 active
dur 5d10h tx:0/0 rx:0/0
Tele 0/1/2 (1464) [0/1/2] tx:0/0/0ms None noise:0 acom:0  i/0:0/0 dBm

How do I resolve this issue?

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