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Stumped with voice mail/auto attendant issue

We are using a UC520 in our office, and i am currently stumped.

     I am trying to make our voice mail have the ability to kick people back to our auto attendant. When someone calls an extension and hears the voice mail message describing that they are going to be out of town we want it then to be able to hit a key and have it put them back in the AA.

     As a work around I have them forwarding the calls to a different auto attendant with a message and the option to either speak to an operator or be put back in the first menu.

     Is there a way to have someone call an extension, hear their voice mail message, and then be able to dial another extension?



Re: Stumped with voice mail/auto attendant issue

You can have users press a digit to get out of CUE.  Check out this thread.

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Re: Stumped with voice mail/auto attendant issue

Go to and log on as admin.  Go under VOICEMAIL - MAILBOXES and select the username and under ZERO OUT number place an extension of the operator or some other number you want to dial when the user presses ZERO.  Have the user record the voicemail message again and say "Leave a message or press 0 for operator assistance"...

Zero Out (Operator Assistance):3099

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