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Support for 6900 phones on UC560 - Discrepancies

I have a client who has ordered a UC560 and 20 x 6921 IP Phones

I am finding conflicting information on the cisco website as to whether these phones are supported or not.

The required commands seem to be supported on the UC560, but no phone firmware is included in the UC560 downloads.

1. Can someone from Cisco please clarify whether the 6921 is supported with the  UC560

2. Can anyone confirm whether you have been able to succefully get the 6921 working with UC560


The datasheets for the UC560 say they only support 7900 and 500 series

The datasheets for CallManager Express 8.0 says it supports 3911, 69XX, 79XX

The datasheets for the 6921 phone says it only works with CUCM and CUCM BE not CME


UC560#show telephony-service
CONFIG (Version=8.0)
Version 8.0

If I go into telephony-service and do load ? it shows the 69XX as an option to add a load file for

However if you look at the flash under /phones ther is no 69XX load files

If you go to an ephone x and type type ? it shows the 69XX as an available type and lets you set it.

UC560(config)#ephone  20
UC560(config-ephone)#type 6921
Force max-calls-per-button to 2

You can also do a show ephone 6921

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Re: Support for 6900 phones on UC560 - Discrepancies

The term 'support' is a funny thing - it means different things to different people.  For a particular phone to be truly supported by the UC500 and officially supported by Cisco, there are a couple of pre-requisites:

1. It must be technically possible for the phone to work.

2. The software that supports that phone must be included in a shipping software pack.

3. The necessary phone loads must be also included in the software pack.

4. There must be a CCA version that recognises and configures the phone.

Currently with the 6900 phones, #1 and #2 are true.  #3 and #4 are not yet true, but will be when CCA 3.0 and the accompanying software bundle 8.1.0 ship in the next couple of weeks.

While it is technically possible to get a phone working so long as #1 and #2 are true, since you can manually add phone loads and configure the UC500 using the command line if you are familiar with it, you will be on your own from a support perspective.

If you *really* can't wait until the official release of CCA 3.0 and software pack 8.1.0, then it might be possible to get you something sooner.  If that is the case, send me a private message and I'll see what we can do.



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Re: Support for 6900 phones on UC560 - Discrepancies


Thanks for the reply.

It's not so much a case of not wanting to wait but rather this is what they have been sold by the sales person (1x UC500 + 20x 6921), and not I am left to implement.

At this point to change the phones to 7942s would add an extra $3,000 to the project

I found that the UC500 download has no loads for 6921

However the CME 8.1 download for ISR has 6921-41-61-sccp.8-5-4.tar, containing;

  • BOOT69xx.0-0-0-14.zz.sgn
  • DSP69xx.0-0-0-3.zz.sgn
  • SCCP69xx.9-0-3-0.loads
  • SCCP69xx.9-0-3-0.zz.sgn

I will give this a go and hopefully it will work.

Unfortuanetly I dont have access to any 6921s to test with until closer to the implementation date ( and mabe 8.1 for UC500 will be out )

We don't use CCA for installs so no drama about it not being supported there.

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