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Swapping phones

I have a customer that had some employees leave and they wanted me to swap out their old employees phones for some of their lower end models.  I set up all the configs in CCA and have gone back and checked to make sure it is all also changed in CUE and as far as i can tell both areas show the same thing. But the phones reboot to blank screens every time i reset them and none of them get an extension.  The only thing i have yet to try is rebooting the UC520, would that fix the problem or am i missing something else?


Swapping phones

Using CCA?

Phone will auto register, but no auto ephone-dn assignment, hence the blank screen, most likely (only the system message in lower left, correct)?.

If thats the case, check in CCA, and I think you may see the phones waiting to be assigned.  After you do, the phone should reset as a new endpoint, and then you will have the joy of transfering the information.

If they are different models, with different button capabilities, it may not work to swap MAC addresses, but that is the case where to get a MAC to 'unregister" from CME, the reboot will do that (as long as the old phone is unplugged at that point.

I realize this is confusing to follow and apologize in advance.

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