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T.37 Fax to Mail - How does it work?


I am trying to figure out how the T.37 fax to mail feature really works. If I enable this feature, all the inbound faxes would come to one common email address or Unified Messaging? Then someone has to look at that mailbox and forward the fax out to individual users? If I have extra DIDs, could I possibly setup individual fax for each mailbox?

Also, is there an outbound fax option at all? Email to fax? I have seen mention of on-ramp and off-ramp for the fax integration but within CCA I see only one option for fax to mail. No option about the outbound.



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T.37 Fax to Mail - How does it work?

To deliver to different recipients, you will need one DID per mailbox. Please note that Cisco IOS uses .TIFF attachments that sometime are not very much liked. An alternative is to use CUE for receiving fax.

For outbound, you will need a special driver in order to 'print fax to email', e.g.

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T.37 Fax to Mail - How does it work?

Any recommendations for outbound fax configurations. Any example configs? 3rd Party software other than Windows Fax and Scan? Does outbound configuration require CLI? If so I am aware that it will cause erratic behavior in CCA.

Sorry about all the questions. Bought a UC540 2 months ago and love it, especially the fax to email! However would love to complete the "puzzle" by adding the outbound...

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T.37 Fax to Mail - How does it work?


How does your fax to email work? I wasn't sure how it works so didn't implement it. Do you need to have an individual DID for each person to route inbound fax to their email address? OR all inbound faxes go to a single mailbox and that person forwards the emails to the right person?

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T.37 Fax to Mail - How does it work?

Hello Sam and Ben,

Please check the folowing links:

For CCA and feature clarification please open the CCA 3.2.1 admin guide p.437 in Call Handling section, chapter T.37 Fax to Email

Futher reading:


CLI setup:

With UC and CCA the CUE is used to store the fax. You may see in the documents about the feature that it also could be used without CUE.

You may setup a fax to each voicemail or to one specific it is up to you.



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