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T.37 fax troubleshooting procedures?

ANyone have any input on how I can troublshoot t.37 onramp faxing?  I have a client with a PRI T1 line and some of the DID extension we use for a personal ONRAMP fax to email.  I have this at about a dozen or more sites with no issues... and each time their is a issue is seems to be due to line quality.  The issue at this one site is that the faxes that are small (3 pages or less) work fine, but if someone has a large fax (4 pages or more) it will cut the fax off and the user only gets a portion of the fax like maybe 2 or 3 pages and the rest of the fax is lost. 

Again this is a UC560 with a PRI line using DID numbers for the fax portion.

John NIkolatos

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