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Teleworker Licenses

I see that UC520-8U-FXO only supports 2 teleworkers. Even if you add 8 user license upgrade, there are only two teleworker licenses. Is there any way to increase this without buying new system?

Cisco Employee

Re: Teleworker Licenses

Although the documentation states there are two teleworker licenses, really there is no difference between any of the licenses on the platform.  So an 8U system has 14 phone licenses, which is notionally broken down as follows:

  • eight corresponding to the 8U
  • four for the analog station ports on the base unit
  • two additional licenses that may be used for teleworkers or to add additional phones/analog ports 

The UC500 platform however, doesn't care about how these licenses are allocated out.  Likewise, the license agreement doesn't enforce any particular mix.  As such, you could in principle have zero phones at the UC500 site, and ten phones used by teleworkers.  The exact mix of device types is up to you.  Similar logic applies to the higher user count platforms.  So the total licenses are the sum of the user count, the four analog station ports, and two or four (depending on the specific platform) 'floater' licenses.

Hope that helps.



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