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Thai region workarounds??

                 Hi All,

We have recently set up a UC320W with a number of SPA303 and 301 phones. Quite happy with the system although we are having a couple of problems as it seems a region pack is not yet available for us over here.

We have found that the Malaysian pack works well enough for our purpose. However there are two slighly frustrating issues and I was wondering if anyone knew of a workaround?


1. Is there anything in the pipeline for a Thai region pack?

2. Unable to dial Thai mobile phones as 10 digit numbers. (landlines are 9 digit so no problem with Malaysian pack)

3. Time showing as Malaysian time zone so 1 hour out.

Kind regards



Thai region workarounds??

Hi Gyln,

We don't have plan to support Thai region. Please get refund from your distributor.

Best regards,


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Thai region workarounds??

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your candid and rather blunt reply. Strangely I am now left with a sort of guilty feeling!?!

Prior to ordering the an IP voice system we done some research and as our network is nearly 100% Cisco equipment based we obviously went to Cisco. The local dealer / distributer never mentioned a thing about it not being supported.

We have already stripped out our old phone system, reconfigured our other network systems etc so just dropping this now is more than just 'getting a refund'!

After looking through other forum posts, it seems that a lot of us in, let’s say, not first world countries, are happy with using other regions and accept the fact that by doing so we will not receive full support and not have access to all functions. However it would be very helpful to allow us to make some minor adjustments such as basic customs dial plans and time zone changes. I am sure most would be willing to accept a waiver to get such assistance; in turn this would probably help in your product development?

Either way, we will still carry on using this system as it is an upgrade on our last setup.



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Thai region workarounds??

Hi Glyn;

Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately we don't have plans about expanding country support for UC320 at this moment.



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