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The end is near

Breaking news:

There you go..... You can put an end to the speculation.

The UC300 is history as far as sales go after January 20th, 2014.

No, this did not come as a surprise to anyone here.  (The surprise is that the UC500 is history too)

The saddest thing of all?  Us small dealers will be left without a CIsco offering, because of the requirements to sell the new "Communications Manager" system  (Find that here if you are into that sort of thing Express Collaboration Specialization)

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Re: The end is near

This is absolute crap Cisco the BE6000 better be a UC350 or something similar for small business

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Re: The end is near

uh.. thats great.

seems to be the better way to set an EOL Date instead to finish the work. Still waiting of a new firmware release with some new futures.

I know.. everything that we will read is .. stay tuned .. but it had an end fortunately.

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Re: The end is near

first message is in moderation. seems that someone doesent like the truth. Thank you mod!

@John, for small dealers you could use fortivoice. same price range as the uc320w.

teleworker, windows client, mobile app working. the peaces are stackable up to 400 users. They also have a new one with 2000 SIP extensions.

Actually they have only 3 languages, english, spain, frensh. But should be updated at the end of the year.

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Re: The end is near

I spoke with a rep who sent out the original notification about the EOL for UC3xx and UC5xx. He actually called me. Nice guy, and very understanding. 

I attempted to explain that as a small business, providing sales and service of technology to other small businesses, we have very limited resources.  And that means, we need to be able to act as an authorized dealer, offering sales and support - without a huge up-front investment in money or resources

It's just me and my wife and two employees here.  If I take two employees and provide them with training required to sell this new line of products, in addition to the cost of that training (it was a bit outrageous in my opinion) and exams, there's the other thing. If I have an employee that I am paying xx dollars an hour to take said training, they are also missing out on being able to produce billable hours, so I'm paying to lose money.

Yes yes, I understand it is the cost of doing business.  But, here is what will happen:  Little mom and pop places will not be able to make this investment and the big dogs in the game will. The big guys will think nothing of throwing another 10 grand or more into it, because they turn a huge profit by selling in volume.

Little guys will be forced to either leave the market, or find a new offering.

We already have another offering, but selling with the Cisco name has been easier. People know it, they trust it.

Cisco is not going to remain in the SMB marketplace with this new strategy I'm sad to say.

The UC320 could have been so much better. It was --> THIS <-- close to being a solution that could have dominated that segment.

I liked the idea of a "UC350".  Seriously, that could have changed everything. Upgraded hardware, add most of the features of the UC540, while still keeping it totally GUI based. Lock it in for 25 or less extensions (Cisco branded phones of any model), a dozen SIP or phone lines max.  All that remote teleworker stuff, and make it an APPLIANCE primarily, which could serve as a gateway in a pinch, but not designed for that specifically.   Yep, that would have rocked. I think I could have sold the heck out of that. 

Oh well...   I totally get it, they are in the business to make money, and the UC320 was not making money.  The UC5xx on the otherhand, I have a hard time believe it wasn't making some decent money, if only to promote sales of phones! haha

So long UC3/5...  It was nice knowing ya.....

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The end is near


No disrespect intended, but the end could not come soon enough. There is not a single thing that this product does right or well... Honestly, not a single thing.  It was a steaming pile of bug riddled crap from day one and the entire bug-fix and development cycle has been a joke. Almost every Cisco SMB product has taken the same arc and you guys keep selling the crap and telling customers it will work one day, while charging  them an arm and leg the whole time.

Again no disrespect, but those of you who continue to sell this (or any Cisco SMB product) to customers are either dishonest in doing so, or are blisfully ignorant of how a real voice (or SMB router, UTM, etc) platform should behave, at any price point.

I cringe every time I see one of you try to stick up for this mess or any of the turds Cisco keeps foisting on the SMB market. It took me a while to figure out why the products are so bad and yet Cisco keeps peddling them. It is the clueless and/or dishonest Cisco partners that keep selling the poorly designed products to their trusting customers.

Wait until they sink their claws into Meraki and destroy it too...

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Re: The end is near

Fortivoice is crap, read the reviews about it....  Another you might want to look at (and i have heard good reviews about it, although never used it) is VoiSip 2000 (, its asterisk with a GUI front end!

Whats even more interesting is the BE3000 is also end of life (July something 2013), this is a 300-400 phone system.

This is fairly interesting that Cisco seem to want to drop up to 100 phone systems, Microsoft has done the same with Windows Server Small Business Edition (no Exchange for 30% of the cost), they only see "Server" then "Exchange" which has narked off everyone to no end.

However Microsoft do offer an "online" version of Exchange instead now (Office 365 Business), are Cisco doing this instead of selling hardware to under 100 phone companies? (which i doubt as it means they will have all the VoIP going through there own servers then!

This would suprise me as Bell (in Canada) are selling the UC540 / 560 to companies under 100 phones (and for alot of money) so are they planing to loose this market and if so whats going to replace the void?  (alot of unstable rivals?)

Normally when this happens balance is restored by a large company making something that fits (read that Cisco makes a new small box 1 year later).

@William Burnett

If you cringe about this so much, why on earth are you on this forum???

I hate ford cars, so guess what I'M NOT ON THERE FORUMS!!!

Note to self, download last update and save on DVD

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The end is near

And so will the support and bug fixes...

Looks like the recycle bin is going to be full...

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Re: The end is near

Good suggestion to download the latest software to these products and keep it handy....

My current issue is that in the desire to provide full disclosure to my clients, I have to explain that quotes I have out now for these UC3xx and UC5xx are for products that will be end of life.   And then there are the most recent sales I have made. I am going to come off looking like the bad guy here.


In defense of myself and those here who have sold the Cisco UC products, with a clear concious, we have done so because we have not made promises we couldn't keep. We didn't offer these products with the promise of features to come, only that they fit the bill. And my clients have been happy for the most part.

Still, this is a sad sad thing.   

I'm still not sure which VoIP solutuion will become my go-to system for the less than 25 and the less than 100 businesses.

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Re: The end is near

So you sold the system by being honest and telling your clients that CID was flaky at best, AA was flaky at best, random call routing failures and handset epileptic fits would be somewhat regular....

There was nothing good about this system other than the idea itself.

Looking for a decent platform? Ip office partner edition in ip or partner mode. It is half the price, stable, and full features.

That said most of my 25 user sites are moving to hosted VoIP.

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Re: The end is near

Never had a single CID issue.

Never had a single AA issue.

Never had call routing failures.

Never heard anything at all about handset issues....

Dozens of clients have had zero complaints, and follow-ups with them have let me know that they are happy years after the sale.

There have been some major issues, but these were resolved.   One was a switch (VLAN/pirority) issue, which Cisco assisted with.  Another was a device we put on a network with a UC320W was killing the UC320W's internal calling.

That device was sending traffic the UC320W which was acting as a gateway, on port 5060, and was screwing with SIP trunking.

So, again - my clients have been happy.   Heck, some of them have bought multiple systems, for other business ventures they have, or satellite offices and in the case of one, they purchased for their home.

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Re: The end is near

thats why im bought the uc320w

Im also have no problems with the system... but other can more for less or have finished their work.

For me it was to expensive for the current result

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The end is near

Hi John,

I used to implement Lucent, Meridian, Avaya and a bit on Mitel and was fed with the lack of a decent VOIP good value solution for really small business.  When I saw the potential of the UC320 - I got a bit excited. Shame.  It tried to do too much, strip the Firewall rubbish out, and keep it simple, might have worked.

Kind of agree with you views on the system, it works for the two small sites I have, but only as a very basic system. It took me a few months with Cisco to get CLID working in UK after last update. I was told it was a fault with the unit and because they would not send an advance replacement I bought another. Same issue with new unit -so £500 out of pocket and lost a lot of credibility with one of my clients. Anyhow - I now have a spare UC320 and going to keep the two sites going for as long as possible. System looked great on paper and I am glad I only tried it in sites with less than 5 users.

You seem to have a lot of experience in the SME market. What do you recommend for sites with less than 25 users?   Draytek?

Its been a journey.


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Re: The end is near

Hi Mike

The other box would be the UC5xx series if you want to look at Cisco, if you want to move away from Cisco then 3CX doesnt seem bad (i have a key to evalute it at present, they say its easier than Cisco to provision).

If your going to let the UC320w go you have spare i may be interested.

contact @

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Re: The end is near

Hi John,

I agree that there were quite a few issues with the Cisco SME voice products and I can understand the reason Cisco is discontinuing them.

If you are looking for an alternative for SMEs I can highly recommend Zultys. There are only two different boxes MX30 or MX250, you can either put voice cards directly into them or use the built in session border controller to perform SIP trunking.

There is a single management interface and a software client that can perform advanced call control functions.

Just Google it and have a look for yourself.



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