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Tiny Voice Gaps

We have a customer that is reporting tiny gaps in the voice... not the gaps you would generally hear from packet loss or jitter... I guess I would equate the sound to morse code if you know what I mean.

They said they have had the problem both on internal calls and external calls.

It happens quite a bit apparently -- however we have only been able to replicate it once.

This is a UC540 + SF300-24P + approx 20x SPA502G+500S.

SWP is 8.2.0, Switch is

PSTN connection is a PRI.

The speakerphone is almost always in use when this happens.

If you pick up the handset while the problem is happening, sometimes it goes away, othertimes not.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any troubleshooting tips?

Community Member

Tiny Voice Gaps

Hi Daniel,

Do you think the issue could be the result of feedback on the speakerphone?  For instance the volume on the phone is very loud and looping back in on the call?  Also, how did you able to replicate the issue…was it trial and error or was there something specific you did?  Also could you very that the SPA502’s are on the latest firmware.


Jason Nickle

Community Member

Tiny Voice Gaps

It could be feedback on the speakerphone -- but why? Also, they claim to have it on the handset as well (though not as bad).

In terms of replicating it, we just tried over and over again and it eventually happened.

We were just doing an internal call using speakerphone over and over.

Firmware is spa50x-30x-7-4-8a.

7975's on SCCP75.8-5-4S are said to have the same problem.

We put 2 of them in to see if it fixed the issue -- the customer says it has not.

At this point we are scheduled to swap out the entire UC500 and switch.

Community Member

Tiny Voice Gaps

Hi Daniel,

I wonder if it is actually the echo taps kicking in, does it sound similar to like VAD when it happens?


David Trad.

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