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Transfer Button Missing

I have a new UC540 with SPA509G phones, all on the latest firmware and configured with CCA 3.1.1.

The issue: When connected on a call, the Transfer softkey is missing, so they cannot make transfers. 

Troubleshooting so far: I see it in the default template that it's supposed to be the third softkey when connected, but it's blank, and pressing the blank key does nothing.  I have created a new template and kept the defaults (which included having the third softkey as "Transfer") but the issue persists with the same symptoms.

What's going on here?

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Transfer Button Missing

Hi Jon,

Can you please reset the phone to factory default, it would be good to force the phone to have to re-download the configuration information from the UC again, then re-test and advise accordingly.



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Transfer Button Missing

We had done many factory resets during initial config last week, but I will get with one of the users today to walk them through it (I am working remotely this week).  Will let you know.  Thanks.

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Re: Transfer Button Missing

Just a thought but did you setup the UC540 to supply the latest phone firmware for the 509g. It's under maintenance and then phone load management. I could see it doing strange things if the phone is running an old firmware version with a fully updated UC system. Make sure the system has the firmware checked off for the 509 then do a factory reset.

Also someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think this could happen if you didn't have a dual or octo line configured on the phone. IE it only had one line/channel for voice so transfer would not work. Try adding another temporary dual or octo line to the set and try again using that new line.



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