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transfer call to external number

Before to put this topic, I read all the rest of forums and I didn't find any related to my issue.

I have a UC500 for a while, and it has been working fine, but after I upgraded my CCA 2.0 I started to have this issue : forward incoming call (PSTN) to external number (PSTN).

I remember that it was working before, because I used it, not all the time, but when it was necessary, it worked.
but now it doesn't work!, (even I forgot how I made work before!), but normally if I remember when the incoming call get in to the receptionist (7931), she pressed the "park" key, (put in hold the call), and dial the external number and then, press "transfer" and that's it. but now, the "Park" key is not "activate" (I got that message on the phone)
So, because I don't remember how I explained her the process to do this transfer, I just trusting in her memory to do the transfer to external call. Now : that is the right way to transfer a call to external number?

thank you in advance..

BTW...I forgot to say that we have only 1 PSTN incoming line with call-waiting on the PSTN company, so, when we have 2 calls at the same time, she has to press "flash" key and get the another call and come back pressing the same key.

thank you!



Re: transfer call to external number

I am not sure if park has been removed form the system or not.  But to use park, someone would park a call at say 700.  Someone else would dial 700 from their phone and that would resume the call.

To do this with transfer, press transfer on the phone, and dial the number.  At that point, you can stay on the line, hang up, or press transfer again. 

Note, that when you do the transfer, that the FXO line will now be at someone elses desk at you won't be able to hookflash to the other line that was on hold.

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Re: transfer call to external number

Hi Steven,

I guess you are right, may be it wasnt the "Park" key.

What a was thinking yesterday, that normally I did when an incoming call get into the system:

- Incoming call

- Answer the call

- He wants to talk with someone else at USA, so, (here is the thing) "Flash" and right away the system give me a dial tone (without need to press "0" in my case to get dial tone)

- Then I dial the number : lets say: 213-123-4567 and press "Transfer"

but now, I dont see anymore the "Flash" key when a call is incoming.

and i remember using a "flash" key even when I was on the phone and another call is incoming, so, I was able to talk with both.

I saw my config and I know I have the "fxo hook-flash"

Thank you for your help!


Before to send this post, I went to my backup config and I notes that the new CCA 2.0 added 3 lines in my ephone-template :

softkeys idle  Redial Newcall Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup Dnd Login (new)
softkeys seized  Cfwdall Endcall Redial Pickup Gpickup Callback (new)
softkeys connected  Hold Endcall Trnsfer Confrn Acct Flash Park (new)

button-layout 7931 2 (this was the only one it was before in my backup)

So, I deleted those lines, and right away I say my "Flash" key and I tested it and it works!! (as the procedure I mentioned above)

Thank you Steve!, your explanation help me to remember how I fixed this before!


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