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Tweek to UC320 Wireless?

ThinkPad hardwired to ESW520 from UC320 get speedtest results on 12Mbs Down & 8.5Mbs Up. Thinkpad on desk within 5 feet of UC320 with wireless connection to UC320 get 1/4 of the speedtest results. Any tweeks available to UC320 wireless configuration available? Thanks, in advance, for any guidance and/or suggestions to resolve this dilemma.

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Tweek to UC320 Wireless?


Currenlty there is no way to tweak values here. The UC320 is configured to give priority to Voice over wireless and a certain amount of bandwidth is reserved for voice. However these values are hardset and cannot be changed.

One way to generally improve performance in a wireless network is to have a all 802.11n environment. Mixing 802.11n with 802.11g reduces throughput. If wireless throughput is very important to you, I would recommend adding an AP541.

Tweek to UC320 Wireless?

Hi Gordon,

First, make sure you have the latest patches for your OS and drivers for your WiFi interface applied to the Thinkpad.  Make sure you are running the latest Limited Deployment release for the UC320W.  Next, go to the Wireless page in the Configuration Utility.  At the bottom of the page is an option to set the WiFi Channel.   Some partners have found that changing the channels from the default 'Seek' may offer better performance.  An 'apply' is required for the change to take effect.

Hope this helps.


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