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UC 320 to analog paging system?

Hello, can anyone tell me if they have tried or know if it is possible to connect and page to an analog overhead paging system?

The client has "self-powered" speakers in 2-3 locations in a shop.  In the past we have used an ATA186/187 to make the connection.

Is it possible to just create an analog extension to on eof the FXS ports to do so?

Please advise. Thank you, Paul

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Re: UC 320 to analog paging system?

Hi Paul,

This is possible but depending on the brand of speakers and amp you will need a device to answer the call. For example if you have Bogen equipment you need the UTI1 to connect to the FXS port on UC320 and then to the amp.

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Re: UC 320 to analog paging system?

Mario, thank you.  Will a Cisco ATA186/187 do the same thing?

Re: UC 320 to analog paging system?

Hi Paul,

The ATA186 is a Analog Telephone Adaptor, in other words it is, as you appreciate just a device to extend FXS connectivity to a traditional Cisco Phone system.

Mario, mentioned a Bogen device, I have used a device like a VALCOM 9970 to connect a amplified speaker to a phone system.

As the manual for the VALCOM 9970 says from a screen capture below,  it provides ring trip   In other words it answers incoming calls  and then amplifies the signal over a amplified overhead speaker. There are however many devices out there that can be used, and in no way am I pushing the VALCOM device, it just Valcom lent me one for validation purposes.  There are however  many devices out there that can auto-answer a FXS connected call and amplify that incoming FXS call audio  over powered speakers.

If you did need to expand the number of FXS ports on a UC320W, you would need a SPA8800 and not a ATA186, but still need something like the VALCOM or Bogen  device connected onto a FXS port..


As a example , what follows is the screen capture of a logical diagram taken from a VALCOM manual showing how the VALCOM 9970 is connected , this is a valcom document, but added some text in red.

I hope this makes sense..

regards Dave

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Re: UC 320 to analog paging system?

David, thank you. In the past we used a ATA plus a Bogen TAM B device for a CME to connect to a large system.  With a amplified paging system it is not possible to just make a direct connection from FXS to the paging system?  I will look into this Valcom device. 

Regards, Paul

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