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UC 320 W with sg300 switch


I am setting up a uc320w with 4 x 504g phones on a sg300 switch. I know there is an application note out there to help with this setup (I am having issues) getting it going but I am not a partner so cannot get access. Can someone help ?



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UC 320 W with sg300 switch


Try this 

The UC320 will present these intructions when you login, during the upgrade notification.

Cisco Employee

UC 320 W with sg300 switch

Hi Chris,

Please make sure that you are running the latest version of SG300 firmware.  Instructions are based on 1.1.1.x or higher firmware.  Most of the setings are already configured by default- just double check that they are as we need them.

The sequence of steps is as follows:

1. Upgrade to the latest firmware.

2. Reset the switch to factory defaults to enable Auto Voice features.

3. Connect the Cisco Swith uplink to the the UC320W.

4. Connect the Cisco 300/200 Series switch and Cisco SPA IP Phones.

5. Find the IP address of the switch.

6. Verify Auto Voice VLAN. VLAN Management > Voice VLAN > Auto Voice VLAN -verify that Auto Voice VLAN Status is Enabled. Verify that Voice VLAN ID is 100 and Source Type is CDP Active.

7. Verify Auto Smartports. Smartport > Properties Verify that Auto Smartport is "Enabled by Auto Voice VLAN". Verify that Auto Smartport Device Detection Method has both CDP and LLDP checked.

Smartport > Interface Settings - Verify that “IP Phone + Desktop” Smartport Type is applied on the switchports where SPA Phones are connected. Verify that the Auto Smartport application method is used.

8. Verify changes in switchport settings. VLAN Management >Port VLAN Membership

9. Verify Storm Control and Port Security. Security > Storm Control and verify that Storm Control is enabled for the switchports that are type “IP Phone + Desktop”. Verify that Storm Control Mode is Broadcast Only.

Security > Port Security - verify that port security is applied on the switchports that are type “IP Phone + Desktop”. Verify that Interface Status is Locked, Trap is Enabled, and Learning Mode is Limited Dynamic Lock. Do not change these settings.

10. Configure the UC320W to work with the SPA Phones.

Hope this helps.


Community Member

UC 320 W with sg300 switch

Thanks guys - worked like a charm. The firmware upgrade and the reset to defaults fixed everything.



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