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UC300 Teleworker


I have been trying to get a uc300 system to work across a vpn (using Linksys rvs4000's) to no avail. My next attempt I want to take 2 800 series ISR's and actually try to trunk to the uc300 on one side and vpn from the wan...This box has been FULL of surprises and I want to know If anyone has had any luck trying to trunk the voice and data vlans to an ISR so I can try to get remote site phones to register. ANY help is appreciated..



Cisco Employee

UC300 Teleworker

Dear Paul;

Teleworker is not supported. The configuration you are trying to achieve is not supported.



Cisco Employee

UC300 Teleworker

Hi Alberto,

I do realize it is not a supported design, but will it work? The switch is in and in danger of being ripped out for a partner pbx.. Our only other option is to go to the UC500.


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UC300 Teleworker

Hi Paul,

Put in 800 series routers, full VPN between the two and it should work

There shouldn't be any reason as to why this would not work, so long as the SPA phone can see the UC-320W it should work, I am in the process now of finding the time and the equipment to pull this off, everything so far in my research has indicated that this will work.

I hope you get it to work, its like a knife through your stomach when the box gets ripped out and replaced with another system from another partner.



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Cisco Employee

UC300 Teleworker

The phones and the UC320 use an IP multicast-based protocol to discover each other, so it is quite likely that - along with not being supported - it won't actually work.  If you setup the phone on the same LAN as the UC300 and then move it later, it *might* work, but it's not something I have played with, and so it is just as likely that it won't work.  Unfortunately, the UC320 isn't the right solution here - a UC500 should be used if at all possible.



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