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UC320 10-Digit dialing with SIP Provider Bandwidth - Feature Request

We have a a UC320 and receive our SIP trunks from  The system is configured with 10 digit dialing and 3 digit extensions.  In order to get an outside line we must dial a 9 and then the 10 digit phoane number.  Our old system allowed us to pick up the handset and dial three digits and get an inside employee extension or dial 7 digits and get an outside line to a local phone number or dial 10 digits and get an outside line with a long distantance phone number.

We don't mind dialing 9 to get an outside line but the 10 digit dialing is driving every crazy and I am getting a lot of complaints.  If I configure the UC320 to only have 7 digit dialing we can never dial any more numbers and thus never able to make a long distance call.  I called our SIP provider and they require 10 digits to complete the call even if it is a local call.  It appears that the SIP provider nor the UC320 can add the local area code if not entered when dialing only 7 digits of the required 10 digits.

Are the rest of you all dialing 10 digits everytime you make a phone call?  Are there other SIP providers that work better with the UC320 and add the local area code if only 7 digits are dialed?

If not, I believe here is a feature requestion option for Cisco.  In the UC320 configuration > site > region > dial plan yuo will notice there are two choices (7 digit and 10 digit).  If the 7 digit is selected below will appear an option for the local area code but you can't dial more that 7 digits.  When the 10 digit option is selceted there isn't a box for the local area code but you can dial local and long distance phone numbers by entering the area code.  You would think that the option for selecting 10 digits would also have a box for the local area code as well and if 7 digits were dialed the UC320 would add the local area code to the begining of the number dialed.

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Re: UC320 10-Digit dialing with SIP Provider Bandwidth - Feature

Hi Scott,

If your local area supports 7 digit dialing and your users are use to that, you should select 7 digit dialing in the Region and specify an area code.  Now when you dial your Sip trunk access code you will either dial for example 9XXXYYYY or 91XXXYYYZZZZ.  The key to dialing more numbers than 7 is to dial the 1+ 10 digits after the access code.  For 7 digit numbers, the UC320W should insert the area code and optionally prepend the "1" depending on how you've configured your Sip Trunk.  Please verify that you can dial both local and long distance numbers and if not, you might need to open a case with Small Business Support Center.


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