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UC320 911

We recently deployed a UC320 system in a Dentist office.  1 Phone (SPA504G) is in a treatment room where they use sedation and the patient is semi-conscious.  We need a dedicated button on the SPA504G for dialing 911. When I attempt to program one of the four buttons for "external", it requires a 9-digit #.  It would be nice if we could dial 9911 from a hard button.

Other 911 issue: On some other IP phone systems, 911 is a reserved command, and you are not required to dial a 9 first.  I cannot find a feature like this, and would offer that if someone dials 911, the system automatically (or through enabling this in software) will get out to the emergency number.  I can think of some cases where a lot of international calling is being made, where it may be possible that someone needs to dial 9+11+...., so I believe it should be a "checkbox" type option.

Maybe I have overlooked the solution for both of these?

Mitchell Tyler

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UC320 911

You could get the local emergency number and use it for now.  All 911 areas have this as well.

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UC320 911


On the phone, I would choose the button that you need the 911 speed dial and then keep it pushed down for 2 seconds. It will then prompt you to enter a name, type 911 and then for the number choose 9911.

Hit save and you are done.

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