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UC320 call forwarding, poor audio quality

On nights and weekends, I have the UC320 set up to ring the main hunt group of 3 office phones for 4 rings, if no one answers, it forwards out to another phone number.  Now here is where my problem comes in, When the calls comes in from caller to the UC320, the caller hears the 4 rings loud and clear on their phone, then when the UC320 forwards the call to the outside phone number, the sound quality drops significantly and the rings are almost inaudible.  When the forwarded call is answered, the voices are almost in audible and very distant and a bit staticy.  This only happens in the forwarding mode, not on normal call throughtout the day when someone calls in.

What setting could be affecting this.  The UC320 is on Time Warner Cable lines.  And when those lines are called directly, call quality if perfect.  As soon as the call is forwarded out whether that be to a Cloud based system like or Vonage or even another land line, the call quality issue occurs.

Has anyone experienced this type of issue?  What settings would have bearing on this?

Please Help!

Thank you.


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