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UC320 Internet access & Time


We recently installed our first UC320 and all is working except the system has no internet access so we are unable to manage remotely and also the time on the system is incorrect due to the lack of internet access.

The current setup is that there is a direct link from the LAN port on the UC320 into the companies data switch. The system does have a local IP address which has been automatically assigned by the DHCP server on the network and we are able to browse and configure the system by using a PC on the clients network. The UC320 is acting as a DHCP server for the phones but NOT anything else on the network as this is given out byt the clients own DHCP server.

Does there need to be a direct connection from the WAN port on the UC320 to the sites router or can the internet access be given through the LAN port as technically the UC320 is on the network?

We are currently not using the WAN port at all on the system as I  asummed all connectivity could come through the LAN connection?

Thanks in advance


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UC320 Internet access & Time

Hi Paul,

It is recommended to have the WAN port of the UC320W connected.  This will allow updates via the cloud and as you have encountered help with the NTP settings.  There is a PMF file available to set the time to a local NTP server on you LAN.  This can be retrieved using the link below.

Thank you,

Jason Nickle

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UC320 Internet access & Time

Thanks Jason,

Are automatic time updates not possible through the LAN connection then?

I was hoping to avoid having to go back out to site to plug the cable in and in theory there is already a connection to the internet through the LAN port.



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UC320 Internet access & Time


NTP can be configured on the Data LAN if on the same subnet. The changeNTPserver.pmf can be downloaded at this link:

The WAN connection is not needed beginning with version 2.2.2(1).



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