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UC320 Proof of concept/Lync integration

Hi all,

I'm busy with a bit of a proof of concept at our office. I'm still very new to all to the whole voice and Cisco story, so kindly bear with me please. We have a Lync 2010 server in the office that we would like to integrate into the UC320 for placing outbound calls over a sip trunk to a provider but also still recieve/make calls from and to the PSTN side.

Now here's the difference, all the documentation we have talks about using call manager ( which we dont have. I thought about modifying a guide I found about integrating Lync and 3CX ( ) using an app called freeswitch.

Basically what my idea was is to have the freeswitch sit as a gateway between the two and handle the outbound(and by association probably inbound) SIP calls and route it to wherever it needs to go as well as routing between the Lync and UC320. I;d like to know if this would be possible. If maybe then how could I adapt the 3CX part to the UC320? The way I understand it is if I can get a sip trunk on each side to the freeswitch the from there it should all be down to voice routing. Is this correct?

I realise this is far from how it should be done, but like I say, at the moment it's really a technical test.

If I'm completely wrong then you can say that as well

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UC320 Proof of concept/Lync integration

Greetings Eugene,

Any progress on this intergartion effort? Thanks, in advance, for any update.


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