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UC320 return call/forward voicemail issues

Site is using 2.3.2(6).  The release notes say:

Return Call without Edit Dial/This feature enables users to place calls from their phone's Call History list to external users without needing to edit the numbers in the Call History list in many cases.

But the customer is saying this isn't work, they're told it is an invalid #.

Their configuration is SIP trunk only, they have no FXO ports, if that matters.

Anything they can do?  This seems pretty basic to me.

The return call #'s in the phones are all prefixed with a "9," but not a "1".  So if I call into their system from 414-555-1212, the return # on the phone shows "94145551212" but when I try to return that call, I'm told the # is invalid because I believe the SIP trunker needs "14145551212" so the # should read "914145551212."

Any ideas?



When forwarding a voicemail, they get no chance to record an introduction.  In the manual for voicemail it says you enter the extension, then you can record your introduction, then hangup and the voicemail will be delivered.  When they press "5" to forward a voicemail, they hear "your message has been forwarded" and they get no chance to record an intro.

Any ideas?

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