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UC320 with SG200-08P


I've got a UC320 that I'm trying to mate with a SG200-08P smart switch.

I've loaded th e latest firmaware on both - on the switch, and 2.1.2 on the UC, and I'm having trouble getting the IP phones to work behind the switch.

I've (now) read that the SG200-08P will not automatically work with the UC320, and I suspect that I'll have to play with the VLAn settings to make this work.

Can you give me the down and dirty on the settings I'll nedd to adjust?

BTW, there will be no data pc's on this particular network - we'll only be running the IP sets (SPA508G's) on these connections.


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UC320 with SG200-08P


You have bought the only model in the 200/300 series switches that does not have auto-smart ports. The SF300-8P is the 8-port switch that we recommend for this type of deployment.

This switch needs to be configuered manually with Voice and Data Vlans for it to function correctly. You would need to access the switch documentation to configure this.

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UC320 with SG200-08P

Hi Robert,

The basic steps you need are (this is from my memory):

  1. Create VLAN 100 (call it Voice)
  2. Go to Port to VLAN page.  Select VLAN 100.  Hit 'Go'.
  3. For ALL of your ports make them trunk ports on VLAN 100.
  4. Under VLAN management enable Voice VLAN
  5. Under Administration, enable CDP discovery and advertise Voice VLAN
  6. Save your Configuration.
  7. Reboot the switch to power cycle all phones to get them to pull IP address from voice VLAN.

Hope this helps.


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Re: UC320 with SG200-08P

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply;

I was able to get this to work by following instructions from a post dated May14 2011 on this very subject;

(oddly enough – I found the discussion using a BING search of “cisco uc320 and cisco sg200-08p” – which returned the link for the cisco user support community discussion, but if I try that search on the cisco support page, I didn’t find it….)


Created VLAN100 on the SG200

Made all ports a member of VLAN 100, tagged

Made all ports a member of VLAN 1, untagged

All Ports are TRUNK type

Seems to work fine.

Thanks for your help!

Bob Evans

Fairfield Communications Group

v 203-256-3399 xtn101

f 203-254-9504

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