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UC320W 2.0 Maintenance Release 2 Release Candidate

The engineering team has been busy addressing a number of bugs (found in 2.0.6(10)) and will soon be ready for early adopters of the next maintenance release firmware via a “Release Candidate” firmware image.  Release Candidate quality means that is has gone through Cisco’s rigorous internal testing, but there might be a few new issues that surface in real world deployments.  Partners who have UC320W in lab environments are encouraged to participate.

The Release Candidate firmware is expected to be made available in early May.

To participate in the evaluation of the UC320W 2.0 MR2 Release Candidate firmware, please send an e-mail to and include:

Phone number (with country code):
Preferred e-mail address:

When the Release Candidate firmware is available participants will receive an e-mail with instructions for downloading and installing the new firmware.  The UC320W must have Internet connectivity to download the RC firmware.

Any problems found on the Release Candidate firmware should be reported immediately to the SBCS.  When calling the SBCS please indicate that you are a Release Candidate participant and specify the firmware version found on the UC320W Configuration Utility login or About screen.


Re: UC320W 2.0 Maintenance Release 2 Release Candidate

Thanks to all of those who have responded.  Download instructions and release notes have been sent to the e-mail address provided in your response.  The 2.0 MR2 Release Candidate firmware is now available.


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Re: UC320W 2.0 Maintenance Release 2 Release Candidate

I will recommend every partner to get this version and study the release note. There is a fair chance the issue you are about to report is fixed here. Even not, problems reported on this release will be given higher priority when everything else is equal.

The feedback feature is also significantly enhanced. It can attach the config and other system information direclty to an open ticket. This will help speed up problem resolution.

In short, if you are evaluating in a lab, drop 2.0.6(10) and go to this one. If you have a customer deployment that is more than 10 days away and just starting the evaluation, you might still consider this early adopter release. We do not expect any regression issue because it has gone through some heavy testing. And if there are, we plan to fix it quickly (in terms of days). But this release has many bug fixed over 2.0.6(10).



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Re: UC320W 2.0 Maintenance Release 2 Release Candidate

Hi Chris,

I have updated the system today with the RC2 and have issued the system out to an installer to give it a good bash for 5 days, get his feedback and then give it to our second technician for 5 days... Once I get it back from them I will provide their honest feedback, they have both been in the game for a long time and are really a wealth of knowledge.

Once it comes back I will do the more bleeding edge stuff and put the system through some bizzare configurations to see how it can be broken, all this after Dave "Gandalf" Harper done his magic wizardry on it last night so a huge thanks to him for looking into it.



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Re: UC320W 2.0 Maintenance Release 2 Release Candidate

The UC320W 2.0 Maintenance Release 2 has been released.  The 2.0.9(3) firmware is available on as well as via the Cloud.  To upgrade using the Cloud WAN Internet connectivity is required.  Simply, log into the UC320W Configuration Utility and you will see a pop up dialog to download and install the new firmware.

A big thank you to all of the 2.0 MR2 Release Candidate participants for all of the comments and feedback!

Release Notes for 2.0.9(3) are attached.



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