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UC320W and UPnP

Is there a way to toggle UPnP on and off on the UC320W?  I have need to sometimes disable this for clients and I can't find the option.  It appears to be on by default (but seems a little slow to release mappings when requested).


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UC320W and UPnP

Hi Chris,

uPnP is enabled by default.  There is currently no user settable option for this.  If you need it disabled permanently, then we can provide a Platform Modification File (PMF) to disable it.

We have a known issue (CSCtu21473) with uPnP where there is a resource leak that engineering is investigating.



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UC320W and UPnP

I would like to see an off/on toggle for this, as is seen on many routers.  uPnP interferes with some networking applications, particularly older DirectX stuff.  Being able to turn it off temporarily is a good feature.

In this specific case, I have 2 clients that use gaming as a team building exercise after-hours.  One plays Age of Empires 2 and the other Combal Flight Simulator.  In both cases, you need to turn off uPnP to allow these apps to find each other on the network for mutli-player purposes.  After they are done gaming they turn uPnP back on so that apps like MSN Messenger etc can use it to map ports.  Currently they are both using old WRVS4400N's but I would like to target them both for VoIP to replace their aging key-based phone systems.  I already know that the uPnP thing will be an issue, which is why I was testing it on my network.

It seems that it would be simple enough to add a radio button kind of toggle for this as seen on other products.

Thanks for your consideration on this request and have a good one!

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