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UC320W - Last firmware was Sept 2011

Cisco, please let us have one last set of new fetures and bug fixes even through you ave announced end of life.  You have replied to so many posts saying that you are working on new firmware over the last year, but we have not seen anything yet.

Can someone at Cisco please let us know whether you are going to release new firmware for this unit, (and it really needs it!), and if so what rough timescale please?

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UC320W - Last firmware was Sept 2011

End-of-Life has been announced for UC320:

Therefore, there is no planned firmware release for UC320. No firmware release for new feature or enhencement of features.

If there are large number of severe defects, only then Cisco will consider a maintenance release.

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UC320W - Last firmware was Sept 2011

Hands up on that answer....

you tell now 2 years that we should stay tuned for the next release.

Maybe its a good idea to meet cisco with the uc320w and play golfing..

Actually i cant use that system then nothing from your roadmap was finished.

What is the right way to get my money back? You can have it back with the original box.

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UC320W - Last firmware was Sept 2011

With that decision you are kidding many people. Cisco acts as if the enterprise target audience and SOHO and medium are not intersecting anyhow, but frequently they appear to be the same people.

By such an actions the trust to Cisco is lowering significantly. What if you decide the same strategy for some product lines of enterprise business?

Concerning UC320 I suggest the following options to save the trust of customers:

- fulfill the roadmap points, release and debug


- open the source code for people to configure what they need by themselves


- refund the GPL price.

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Re: UC320W - Last firmware was Sept 2011


EOL for the UC320W ? - Cooool!

I just bought a bunch of those for our Students (CCNA Lab) as nice addon for the ccna stuff.

I also run from ISP to ISP to finally get a bunch of telefon-numbers with special abilities for free.

Now you TRASH it??

Thus: the question - if cisco is nuts or not - is obviously the wrong one.

Cisco not only trashes uc320 but also forces me to use trixbox or something alike!

Good job!

Oh! Did I mention that I sold some of those to customers?

I go and tell them: "hey, your uc320 is 6 month of age, you should sell it for its iron-weight-price now, cuz ist through!"



Last but not least to top it all off: I found a serious security hole!



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