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UC500 Data Connection Question


I have a customer who already ordered the following circuits and is now asking if a UC500 can accommodate them.

1 x Voice PRI, 1 x Data T1 w/ managed router (Internet), 1 x point to point T1 to remote site (with identical UC500 system)

The UC500 system can accommodate the voice pri and the Ethernet hand off from the managed router for Internet but I'm not sure how to accommodate the data T1 for point to point. I wouldn't object to using a secure access router for the point to point but can the UC500 route between the two networks? If so how would one set it up (high overview)? Any help would be appreciated.

- Mike

Cisco Employee

Re: UC500 Data Connection Question

Dear Michael;

From data perspective, UC500 uses only the ethernet connection (no possibility to directly connect any T1/E1 interface for Data, these are for voice only), so you would need T1 Secure Router (e.g. SR520-T1) for this purpose.

Routing wise, the UC500 can perform static routing provided you perform the proper configuration. This of course implies setup of VPN

You can use CCA multisite manager for configuration (latest version is 2.2.1). Information about configuration can be found here:


Re: UC500 Data Connection Question

If you have a secure router, or any other router in front of the UC, that is where the routing will need to take place.

You can use the SR520T1 connection to terminate the T1's.  This will turn off the firewall and NAT on the UC500.  The routing and VPN's will be performed on the SR520T1.  This can all be done through the multisite manager in CCA as noted above.

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Re: UC500 Data Connection Question

Thanks guys!

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