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UC500 Dual Paging once again

I opened a discussion a few months ago about trying to setup paging through phones and a PA simultaneously.  I never seemd to come up with any suggestion that seemed to work for anyone. I have used an FXS port for external only paging through and intermediate interface but this this doesn't seem to have a way to work at the same time as the phone paging so it is not a complete solution for many customers we are trying to convert from old TDM systems.  I once again have a customer who has an area that the phone paging won't reach into their shop and I had come with a thought and wonder if anyone had attempted something similar. 

Is there any IP phone that has an especially loud speaker or some kind of adpation where it could be used in a standard phone paging group to provide a near PA loudness?  If so a couple of strateigically placed phones with a load speaker or booster might be a possible alternative to the standard PA.

Any other thought or solutions anyone has cone up with for solving this dual paging?

Any possible future feature that helps with this common dilema?  Cisco PM?



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Re: UC500 Dual Paging once again

You can always buy a third party product from InformaCast that was initially designed for CUCM but works with UC500 now. This will allow you to page over the IP phones and PA. They also offer IP speakers as well.

Other than that the UC500 along will not do this.

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UC500 Dual Paging once again

We do this quite regularily. While we have found a few ways, by far the simplest is to take a cheap phone (like the SPA502), cut it open and wire the speakerphone wires directly into a small AMP that feeds the speakers/horns.

It generally takes less than 15 minutes to take a phone apart and wire it up. (If you are good with electronics)

This seems to work very reliably for us. Usually we just add a shelf in the equipment rack and throw the amp and the phone on there.

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Re: UC500 Dual Paging once again

Dan, That's good to know others have gone the same path as I was thinking of trying. Might take some playing to see if the current amp has an input that would work this way but it would also solve the inability to use a fxs/fxo simultaneously with phones for paging.

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UC500 Dual Paging once again

Hi David,

The immediate solution is to buy an older styled Paging system that can plug into an FXS port, this way you can set it up as a User Phone which will allow you to place it in the paging group, it is not easy to find these older styled systems where they are pre-amped and do not require a Powered LIU or any form of middleware system to negotiate the connection between the two devices (UC and Speaker).

Or you could wait till the CCA engineering team get SIP endpoint creation as one of the programmable features of the system, and then you have a whole world open to opportunity for you, there is a multitude of SIP paging systems, door stations and other useful systems out there that would work exceptionally well with the UC...

We must all keep out fingers crossed that this will be brought out in CCA 3.2, if it isnt then it would be a massive dissapointment and a failre to udnerstand the market (yes it is a pressure statement ).

HINT: You can still source pre-amped analogue paging systems from China, check out the made-in-china website to find some manufacturers, just watch out for the dodgy ones and do some due diligence before making a purchase, as soon as you find a good manufacturer then you may want to consider stocking up on them



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