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UC500 email integration issues

Trying to get email notification - and preferably integration - of voicemail.

Two main issues:

smtp server requires encryption but there aren't any encryption settings.  Specifically TLS (gmail) is not listed (but neither is SSL - plain text is only format?)

For unified mailbox, only IMAP is supported but email clients only support POP (again, gmail.)

Lastly, many users are on iPhones, any best practices or guidelines for setting up mobility, call forwarding, vm and email integration so they have the most convenient access to their vm? Is there visual vm for them on the UC500?



Re: UC500 email integration issues

With IMAP, voicemail messages can be send as an email attachment that can be viewed on Laptop/PCs. There is an IMAP server on CUE that can communicate with IMAP clients. The IMAP clients for Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus notes have been interop tested with the IMAP server on CUE, therefore we can claim support for them.

With IMAP clients, the email and the voicemail can be synchronized. Reading a voicemail attached email on the client will mark the Voicemail as read on the IMAP server and will trigger an update for the MWI light status on the IP Phone. Similarly, deleting the email on the IMAP client will delete the Voicemail on the IMAP server.

To integrate this with an Exchange server, the message notification feature on CUE may be used. However, the functionality would be limited. With the notification feature, the Exchange server can get notified about a new Voicemail (along with attachments). So the Exchange clients can get an email with Voicemail attached. However, the notification email and the Voicemail on CUE are not in sync. Deleting the email notification on the Exchange server won't delete the voicemail from the CUE IMAP server (Still the case in CUE 8.0.2)

Re: UC500 email integration issues

You are correct that CUE does not support SSL at this time on UC500 or CME.  I found a good post on the Google Support forum about how to get around this with devices that don't support SSL:

In a nutshell, it suggests using STUNNEL application to setup the SSL connection to google and point your SMTP server towards the local STUNNEL server IP address.  As this is not a Cisco product, Cisco cannot support you on setting up that connection.

There is no best practices document for setting up features to work with IPhone.  For visual voicemail, the best thing I would think would be to have an SMTP message sent to their email that the IPhone is linked to.  If you enable notification without attaching the voicemail, you can direct them to calling an external Voicemail access number to retrieve voicemails once they have been notified that they have a message.


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