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UC500 Extension mobility

I have been told that the UC500 platform supports extension mobilty, yet no where can I find documentation nor does SMP Pro Support have anything either, Can someone please produce a step by step guide to configure this? I could really market this in my territory as most of my clients are in the healthcare verticle. Hoteling is a concept many of my customers have never thought of and this could be a great discussion starter.


Re: UC500 Extension mobility

EM will be CCA configurable in The fall release, or let me carefully

say that is the current plan. We have received this feedback frommany

Partners like you. So for uc540 and uc560, that would be the way to

have it supported.

Between CCA 2.2.5 (next 2-3 weeks look for it) and The next (fall

release) we really closed the GAP between what you need and what CCA

can deliver,

On uc520, you can consider out of band cli, which I believe you can

find in this community if you search for extension mobility?

On Jul 27, 2010, at 11:54 PM, ""

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Re: UC500 Extension mobility

Hi Steve,

Have there been any status updates on when EM will be available on the 540/60?

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Re: UC500 Extension mobility

Extension mobility is now supported using CCA 3.0 on the UC540/560

You will need to update to the latest software pack for it to work

Have a great night

Key features and enhancements:

*- Extension Mobility

- Floating Extensions

- Floating Voicemail

- Voicemail Notifications sent to phone or email

- T.37 Fax to Email

- Single Number Reach (SNR) timeout settings

- Call Park timeout and recall settings

- Call Hold audible alert settings

- Detailed FXO (analog) trunk settings

- Live Record Beep Tone settings

- Improved Bulk User and Phone Data Import

- Static NAT Mapping

- Simplified UC500 Localization, Software Installation, and Upgrade

- Upload and Download files to UC500 Flash

- Drag-and-Drop Phone Upgrades

- Enable or Disable Network Polling

- Telephony Configuration Menu Changes

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Re: UC500 Extension mobility


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