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I’m trying to get a solution and not sure if this will work, i have called over dozen of cisco partners in my area and no one seems to know, chat with cisco produced 0 results as well

I have 4 regular analog landlines in headquarters

I have 2 satellite office that only have broadband internet

I need a solution so that people in satellite office can call using landlines in headquarters  and so that we can phone calls from and to satellite office as well as ability to see status of people ion satellite office, ex. On call, busy out of office

Thank you for your help

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UC500 Help

Hello Vitaliy,

You may use UC500 and connect the remote phones SPA525 using SSL VPN (up to 10 on 540 and up to 20 on 560).

This way the remote phones will be using the UC and the available lines on the UC and they will appear as they are in the main office.

For advanced presence like On call, busy out of office you will need Smart Call Connector Server and advanced client which have the option to provide such options.

You may need to connect the PC from the remote site using IPsec VPN client to the server which should be tested first.



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Good idea Alex!

The other option, if you already have a vpn connection between the offices, is to just locate a phone there and set manually the tftp value in the phone or change the dhcp option 150 in the offices to the IP address of the call manager.

Then you can use all phones which are available for the UC500 series.

Perhaps you should integrate some QoS for the WAN to guarantee the bandwitdh for the calls.

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