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UC500 Multi site manager

I've been wanting to use the CCA multi-site manager for a while now, however if I try to use it I recieve the error:

A problem was detected in the device configuration that would interfere with a multisite configuration:

WAN interface is not configured.

The device is not currently configured for a static IP address for the WAN connection, and DDNS is not configured.  Multisite may not be configured without DDNS being configured when DHCP is used on the WAN.

I have a Static IP address set (PPPoE, Static IP)... and you can't configure DDNS when a static IP is set.

I lodged a TAC case, and the support rep advised this was a known problem with CCA not detecting the static IP when PPPoE is enabled.

CCA 3.0 was released a few days ago.. why wasn't this fixed??? This seems like a trivial problem, and Cisco obviously knows about it... I know CCA is a pretty useless bit of software, but even so, when features like this don't work with a PPPoE internet connection I wonder who cisco is actually employing to work on their software development.

Until then.. the workaround was to disable PPPoE, and configure multi-site with the UC's offline... nice.....

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Re: UC500 Multi site manager

I don't suppose there is any Cisco rep who could give me an estimate on if/when this will be fixed in a CCA update?

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Re: UC500 Multi site manager


The issue with the multisite manager not working with PPPoE (static) should be fixed in the next version of CCA - 3.0.1.  This is scheduled to be officially released in the next few days.    Disclaimer: I do not currently have 3.0.1, and have not tested this... 

Thank you,


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