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UC500 , SR520 and SPA3102 connectivity

Hi All,

I would like to configure a remote teleworker solution, allowing the teleworker to do intersite calling but external calls need to go via the teleworker's own landline.

The configuration would be as follows:

  • Central Site - UC500
  • Remote Teleworker - SR520, IP Phone and analogue phone and the SPA3102 Gateway

This would enable the remote user to make intersite calls as well as off site calls via their own PSTN line and not the central site PSTN line. I can't see why it shouldn't work as I am sure some correct dial peer configurations on the UC500, a trunk linking the UC500 to the SPA3102 and prefixing etc should give me what I am looking for.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Kind regards,



Re: UC500 , SR520 and SPA3102 connectivity

Assuming the IP phone / analog phone at remote site register to the UC520 - you could make this work where the UC520 has a SIP trunk dial peer to SPA3102 and you have the right class of restrictions defined so that only PSTN calls from remote site go out this dial peer. There maybe some SIP tweaking required in case of calls that involve hold, transfer etc. Also, be aware that for PSTN calls from the remote site will traverse the WAN twice as the IP phone still talks to the UC520 first and then UC520 will forward call to SPA3102.

If the remote site phones register to the SPA3102 and this acts like an other IP PBX, then the above do not necessarily apply but you may still need SIP tweaking to be done to ensure call transfers / forwards / hold work and also setup voicemail on the UC520 for these users.

Community Member

UC500 , SR520 and SPA3102 connectivity


Did this solution workout for you?

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