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UC500, TAPI and Outlook Click to Call. 9 Outside Line Issue.


I have a customer where we have deployed a UC560 solution, the solution it working perfectly but now they would like to be able to "Click-to-Call" from outlook.

We have installed the Cisco TAPI software and we have told outlook to use the "Cisco Unified CME TSP - Line #1" line to dial.

I have also tested the connection in the "CME TSP" Setup Wizard and everything connects OK.

The Issue we have is that none of the contacts in outlook have a 9 at the start of the number so the call fails.

In the "Dialing Rules" window I have setup a location and added the 9 to where it says "To access an outsideline for local calls, dail".

But when I click Dail in outlook the it reports back "The number you called is busy. Try your call again later"

From what I have figured out is that you have to have the number as +4401225xxxxxx in the contact for outlook.

Now I don't think my customer is going to be very happy when I tell them they need to edit all of their contacts...

Is there any way I can either force the TAPI to dail a 9 on a standard arera code, or Force outlook to append +44 to all contacts?


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