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uc520 - autoattendant - dial by number


using cca to configure it so far so good.

I'm trying to put dial by number is submenus but the option is not available.

basically my first menu is canadian french.

it goes like (welcome press 1 for french and 2 for english).

I have 2 submenus, submenu1 in french the submenu2 english.

now I want to use dialby number but my only option from CCA is to put it in my main menu but that menu is my (language selection menu - which I've set to french in the lanauge scroll bar) it doesn't matter since all I do is say for french do 1 english do 2.

if I enable dial by number there then it says it in french I want to enable that in my submenus... submenu 1 is french and submenu 2 is english I wanted to enable dial by number in my submenus so it will say in french in submenu 1 and in english in submenu 2...

hope I'm clear..

thanks for any help.


NO DIAL BY NUMBER IN SUBMENU (FRENCH SUBMENU) submenu 2 is english submenu


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uc520 - autoattendant - dial by number


Dial number anytime won't work with submenus. I would advise that you create 3 separate auto attendants, one for the initial greeting, and then 2 more for french and english each. Then have the main AA trasnfer to either the french or english AA extension. This will allow you to use dial by number in the needed places.



New Member

uc520 - autoattendant - dial by number

can I do this within CCA? I llooked and couldnt find a way.

any document explaining on how to do this using CLI? step by step guide or ...


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uc520 - autoattendant - dial by number

thanks john found the answer it was right in my face.

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