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UC520 calls destination via SIP from AA, directly,via blast group BUT NOT when source call is external origin


want to send calls to an external number for out of hours callers

I have UC520

1 single inbound PSTN line

SIP SKYPE available and working using 8 to select

can call 8xxxxxxxxxxx successfuly

can use option 4 from AA to dial a blast group 514 with 8xxxxxxxxxxx in the group

can dial blast group 514 and the call corretly routes to the target number 8xxxxxxxxxxx

can do all the above via AA on 398

so my testing all appears to work


when i can into the UC520 from an external number on the PSTN and select option 4 (for meergency OOH assiatance...) i get no success

how can i debug this please?

I can attach some debugs if i know what to collect

any ideas?



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UC520 calls destination via SIP from AA, directly,via blast grou

Hello David,

My first guess would be that the SIP provider is rejecting the call because the caller ID of the incoming PSTN call is being passed to them.  They see this, and do not recognize the number, hence they drop the call.  If this is the case, you will probably need to add a translation rule to modify the outgoing caller-id for all outgoing calls to a DID that the SIP provider will accept.

But to be sure about what is happening, we would need to see some debugs of the call.  I would start with:

debug voice ccapi inout

debug ccsip messages

Thank you,


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Re: UC520 calls destination via SIP from AA, directly,via blast


I will forward debugs but I am off for a week do there may be a delay

Thanks for input

Please lookout for the update in ten days or so

Many thanks


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