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UC520 crash

I was updating to UC520 8.0 using configuration assistant 2.2 and the update stops and disconnect from cc2.2, then system crash, now I have "rommon 1 >" in the console. Somebody have the procedure to recover the system?

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I tried for I obtain the following:

rommon 2 > dev
Devices in device table:
        id  name
    flash:  external compact flash
rommon 3 > dir flash:
program load complete, entry point: 0x80015000, size: 0xb700
Directory of flash:

3      37988016  -rw-     uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.150-1.XA
20305    660       -rw-     vlan.dat
9278    0         drw-     phones
19093    0         drw-     Desktops
19257    0         drw-     autoattendant
19310    0         drw-     bacdprompts
19573    0         drw-     cca
19599    0         drw-     gui
19969    0         drw-     media
20214    0         drw-     ringtones
20302    0         drw-     sn
20306    22124     -rw-     UC520W-8U-4FXO-K9-factory-8.0.0.cfg
rommon 4 > boot flash:uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.150-1.XA
program load complete, entry point: 0x80015000, size: 0xb700

program load complete, entry point: 0x80020000, size: 0x243a510

Error : compressed image checksum is incorrect 0xB71ABC03
        Expected a checksum of 0x69EE0D27

*** System received a Software forced crash ***
signal= 0x17, code= 0x5, context= 0x80024bf0
PC = 0x0, Vector = 0x0, SP = 0x0
rommon 5 >


Re: UC520 crash

We have seen cases where >90% Flash full could result in a crash like this.

CCA 2.2.1 added some safeguards to prevent that on a UC520 (which has half the flash memory of a UC540 or UC560).

With the checksum error, I think a TAC case is most appropriate, but you could try removing some phone load sub directories and files for models you dont have deployed and try to boot it from rommon again.

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